Pokok Bahasan Mata Kuliah Mikrobiologi Dasar Program Studi Biologi (S1) Fak. Biologi UNSOED

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Struktur dan Fungsi Sel Prokatiotik
1 Bacteria are small and simple in structure when compared with eucaryotes, yet they often have characteristic shapes and sizes
2 Although they have a plasma membrane, which is required by all living cells, bacteria generally lack extensive, complex, internal membrane systems
3 The cytoplasmic matrix typically contains several constituents that are not membrane-enclosed: inclusion bodies, ribosomes, and the nucleoid with its genetic material
4 The procaryotic cell wall almost always has peptidoglycan and is chemically and morphologically complex
5 Most bacteria can be divided into gram-positive and gram-negative groups based on their cell wall structure and response to the Gram stain
6 Components like capsules and fimbriae are located outside the cell wall. One of these is the flagellum which many bacteria use like a propeller to swim toward attractants and away from repellents
7 Some bacteria form resistant endospores to survive harsh environmental conditions in a dormant state
Struktur dan Fungsi Sel Eukariotik
1 Eucaryotic cells differ most obviously from procaryotic cells in having a variety of complex membranous organelles in the cytoplasmic matrix, and the majority of their genetic material within membrane-delimited nuclei.
2 A cytoskeleton composed of microtubules and microfilaments helps give eucaryotic cells shape.
3 In eucaryotes, genetic material is distributed between cells by the highly organized, complex processes called mitosis and meiosis.
4 Despite great difference between eucaryotes and procaryotes with respect to morphology, they are similar on the biochemical level.

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