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The Cytoplasmic Matrix, Microfilaments, Intermediate Filaments, and Microtubules
The cytoplasmic matrix, although superficially featureless, provides the complex environment required for many cellular activities
In addition to the nucleus, eucaryotic cells have other membrane-bound organelles that perform specific functions within the cells; this allows simultaneous independent control
Microfilaments (4 to 7 nm) may be scattered throughout the matrix or organized into networks and parallel arrays; they play a major role in cell motion and cell shape changes
Microtubules are hollow cylinders (25 nm) that help maintain cell shape, are involved (with microfilaments) in cellular movement, participate in intracellular transport of substances, and participate in organelle movements; they also form the mitotic spindle during cell division and are present in cilia and flagella
Intermediate filaments (8 to 10 nm), along with microfilaments and microtubules, are major components of the cytoskeleton, an intricate network of interconnected filaments that helps maintain cell shape and contributes to cellular movement

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