Pokok Bahasan Mata Kuliah Mikrobiologi Dasar Program Studi Biologi (S1) Fak. Biologi UNSOED

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Mitochondria are the site of tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle activity and the generation of ATP by electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation
Mitochondria have both an inner membrane and an outer membrane enclosing a fluid matrix
1 The inner and outer membranes have different lipids and enzymes
2 The enzymes of the TCA cycle and the b-oxidation pathway for fatty acids are located within the matrix
3 Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation occur only on the inner mitochondrial membrane
Mitochondria use their own DNA and their own ribosomes to synthesize some of their proteins; mitochondrial DNA and mitochondrial ribosomes are similar to bacterial DNA and ribosomes in terms of size and structure; mitochondria reproduce by binary fission

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