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Sel Prokariotik Secara Umum

Size, shape, and arrangement
1 Procaryotes come in a variety of shapes including spheres (cocci), rods (bacilli), ovals (coccobacilli), curved rods (vibrios), rigid helices (spirilla), and flexible helices (spirochetes)
2 During the reproductive process, some cells remain attached to each other to form chains, clusters, square planar configurations (tetrads), or cubic configurations (sarcinae)
3 A few bacteria are flat and some lack a single, characteristic form and are called pleomorphic
4 Procaryotic cells vary in size although they are generally smaller than most eucaryotic cells; recently, however, several large prokaryotes have been discovered, which grow as large as 750 mm in diameter and can be seen without the aid of a microscope
Procaryotic cells contain a variety of internal structures, although not all structures are found in every genus; procaryotes are morphologically distinct from eucaryotic cells and have fewer internal structures

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