Pokok Bahasan Mata Kuliah Mikrobiologi Dasar Program Studi Biologi (S1) Fak. Biologi UNSOED

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Struktur dan Fungsi Sel Prokatiotik
This chapter provides a description of the procaryotic cell, beginning with the general features of size, shape, and arrangement. Then the general features of biological membranes and the specific features of procaryotic membranes are given. Important internal structures of procaryotes, such as the cytoplasmic matrix, the ribosomes, the inclusion bodies, and the nucleoid are described, in addition to structures external to the cell, such as the cell wall, capsule, pili, and flagella. The differences between the cell walls of gram-positive organisms and gram-negative organisms are mengetahuied and the mechanism of this differential staining reaction is explained. The chapter concludes with a mengetahuiion of bacterial chemotaxis and bacterial endospores.
Struktur dan Fungsi Sel Eukariotik
This chapter focuses on eucaryotic cell structure and function. Although procaryotic organisms are immensely important in microbiology, eucaryotic microorganisms-such as fungi, algae, and protozoa-are also prominent members of many ecosystems, and some have medical significance as etiological agents of disease as well. The chapter concludes with a comparison of eucaryotic and procaryotic cells.

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